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0 3 November 2014


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0 3 November 2014

If interested please ask your dentist. They will be happy to give an estimate if treatment is required.

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0 29 May 2014

Example of an Image within the news.

If you want an image post, this is how you achieve it. Look to the right where it says FORMAT and choose IMAGE.

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0 15 May 2014

Gallery Posts on your news feed.

If you wish to display a gallery within your news post this can be achieved by choosing Gallery in the format section and then defining the Gallery ID below. You can add images below too.

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0 17 April 2014

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0 16 April 2014

Maybe you want to show an Audio clip on your news feed.

You can achieve this too. Simply choose Audio in the format section. Then define the file below.

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0 15 April 2014

"These are the words in quotes"

Oscar Wilde

Quote Posts.

Occasionally its nice to put words in quotes, you can do this too.

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0 16 February 2014

Link Post.

Here is a link post. These are great to display links Under here some other text can be added.

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